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Music Video for Hopkins

I worked long and hard to create a music video for the Welch Library. Couldn’t use the song I wanted (copyright issues out the wazoo), but I think this one presents the daily Life of library Informationists.


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Me Won A Grant

Big Thanks to the Maryland State Arts Council. They awarded “Zulu Fits” an Individual Arts Grant. I’ve won Grants before (in a variety of states), but the thrill never gets old. I think “Zulu Fits” is destined for something spectacular. There, yes, I said the word—spectacular. I wrote this play (originally) way back in grad school. It sat around until wiffee Nicole said I should work on it. Well, it’s had 2 productions and won me a grant. All very well and good, but I did say “spectacular,” didn’t I? So yes, I think down the pike it’s bound for glory.

If you don’t think every play you write has the potential to be spectacular, then you shouldn’t be writing plays.






Yeah, that’s me. Smiling like Shakespeare. Good news always happens during my Birthday (March!) month.



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Oh Boy Oh Joy!

Oh Boy Oh Joy!

They’re not available till you CLICK on “PLAYS BY ALONZO”. And then, VOILA—-there they are. More play will be here later. For now, a small sample……

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