Fall Done Fell, And Opportunity Done Come A-Knockin

So much for summer…..Fall has Sprung! I’ve been rehearsing my “B-SideMan” excerpt for the City Lit Event coming up. (There I am, 3rd Playwright down)


And it’s certainly made me focus on the entire script. I read the excerpt for several friends this past weekend (in Martha’s Vineyard, no less!) and they seemed to think it provided that peek into Alonzo’s Brain (always a scary thought). Those weren’t their words, I’m just extrapolating.

I trust what I’ve written, and we’ll see how things go…..

The last show I wrote for the Waxter Center was such a big smash (Broadway here I go). “Ella Fitzgerald,” played by Tierra NiCole sure made me sound great.

Packed House @ Waxter
Packed House @ Waxter

“Ella” sang 7 songs and da joint was jumpin. She sang scat, bop, and several standards. Oh my lord, she could sing. Again, this picture captures it all. The faces were full of attention, and admiration. This series is probably one of the best dramatic experiences of my life.


Backstage: Tierra NiCole & Tyrone Requer
Backstage: Tierra NiCole & Tyrone Requer

My partner in dramatic crime, Tyrone stands next to Tierra — we’re all giving each other a little post-party pat on the back.Tyrone directed. Frankly, Ella’s life story sells it itself. I was just lucky enough to put it into words.

Hopefully, there’s more STUFF to write about this fall. As I write, it’s a gorgeous day and I’m contemplating so much. Looking forward and back. Thinking of plays and what’s to come. Recognizing changes in my 62 yr. old self. Trying to find a bit more perspective to my artistic aspirations. Is all I’m doing all that’s ahead for me? No shame in that. No shame at tall. I just want to know if my grand vision gets, well…shall we say, “grander.”

And I’m also hoping this year’s annual Tour DuPort ride has great weather in store. I haven’t done this ride in quite awhile. But it’s an ideal Sunday morning jaunt, and me and my bike friday are counting the hours.

Tour DuPor logo

This blog certainly lives up to it’s name.  


Upcoming Events

Greetings! It’s “been a minute” since my last post. Summer bees that way. Here’s some more info about the New Day Campaign.NEW DAY IMAGE

I’m getting very excited about the program. And I’ve been finishing up the new script for the veteran’s I’m working with. We’ll be performing with ellen cherry and it will be a combination of poetry, storytelling and music. Here’s my other involvement with New Day, I’m part of a Writing, Writing & Healing program.

New Day Campaign Picture

Will let you know about the “Waxter Wisdom” performance of Ella Fitzgerald (that I wrote) this coming Wednesday. Ella has some great songs and her story of how she developed her style (scat) is fascinating. Later, she became even more famous for singing songs from the Great American Songbook (it’s not a real book). Marilyn Monroe insisted she perform at the Mocambo Club in Los Angeles. To ensure Ella would get lots of press MM was at a front row table for every performance. The press went bananas. Such is the stuff great stories….