Thoughts on 2016

Finally, we’ve got ourselves a “little blizzard.” We were overdue. But I don’t mind in the least. The more time I have to write and think, the better. I’ve missed that time alone. And now I’m hungry for it. Greedy for it! I’m still getting over the all the free-lance projects, and time put into those for, essentially, the last two years. But now, I just want to own my own time. By golly, think I just created a new lexicon. But no sooner am I wearing a happy face then I’m invited to be a judge for Poetry Out Loud.

Poetry Out Loud

It’s being held in Frederick, MD. this February, Wiffee and I are making a day out of it. (So long honorarium). It’s nice to be asked and thought of. And the performances are (I hear) a sight to behold.

I’m in the process of re-writing a play called “Master’s of Spin,” about a black PR firm that gets involved in a controversy over — hair. It’s based around an incident at Morgan State Univ. A black PR firm was hired to make some promotional videos about the school, but the flyer they posted around campus stressed certain hair requirements: only straight, processed or short hair. No dreads or anything like that. Now, I did mention that this was a black PR firm, right? Therein lies the rub. If this was a white firm, I’m sure this would have made more national news, but it quickly went away after the story came out in the local media. My play looks at how the flyer and the controversy could have possibly have been started. It’s just my own take. I don’t think it’s too hard to imagine something like this happening.

I’m thinking that 2016 is a time when more of my own work could see “the light of day.” That’s code for “recognition”. As I sit here contemplating how much I miss riding my bike when it’s snowy and frigid, I think about those spring days when the joy of riding sets off explosive fireworks in my brain. But it’s February, and my philosophy has always been to “get your work in” during the winter so you can enjoy the summer. Whether things go my way or not, at least I know that I did what I could do and pushed myself. So while there’s a blustery blizzard outside today, it can’t compare to the activity I’m cooking up in my own little cyberspace.