Performing “B-Side Man”

Yes! Alonzo is performing his very own “B-Side Man” in October and November. In October on the 29th and 30th I’ll be at The Tank in New York City. Not sure of the time’s yet, but that’ll be coming along. And I’m also performing in the Charm City Fringe Festival in Baltimore in November.We (Wiffee Nicole and I) just finished having the artwork finalized by the very creative Christopher Jones ( who also currently produces work for the New Day Campaign.



This one is for Charm City Fringe. We’ve also got something that talks about “Mumbo Jumbo Productions.” Nicole and I have used “Mumbo Jumbo” once or twice in the past when we’ve presented shows by Alonzo.


Here’s the “hook” for “B-Side Man” —

“One African American Man speaks on his journeys, transformations, segues, stories, love, loss, dark days, belly roll laughter and that goddamn playwriting bug. Storytelling that could bewitch Quasimodo! Storytelling that could cure erectile dysfunction then bring it back. Laugh-a-minute? No!!! Think-a-minute? Yes!!! Hear B-Side Man tell the tale.”   

We think both of these capture the fantastical essence of the play. It’s one thing to be memorizing and performing the work, when you have artwork that highlights what you’re involved with, it feels like you’re “armed” with a power bow and  a full bag of arrows.

More to come!

My Time @ The West Virginia Writer’s Workshop

I had a FANTASTIC time at the WVU Writer’s Workshop. Yes, that’s me sporting my saddle shoes and lookin natty. That’s David Hasslet to my left and Ethel Morgan Smith to my right. We had such an emotional panel. Tears were shed after I’d mentioned “The Telling Project,” and my work with Telling. There was a gentleman in the audience who was a Veteran and he started talking about his father, who was also a Vet. I recounted how when I worked with Telling we did short excerpts in several Baltimore City schools. We’d have a Q&A afterwards and when students spoke about a relative who’d be in the service “nobody ever asked them” about what they’d done.  Pic of Me

This struck a huge chord with the Veteran in the audience. And he started crying, as he recalled his father. And in responding to him I started crying too. It was the culmination of working with Telling and hearing their stories. Who knew all this would show up several years later at the West Virginia Writer’s Workshop.

From their blog, here’s a blurb about our readings:

Blurb from WVU

All-in-all, I couldn’t have been more pleased about my contributions to the Workshop, and can’t say enough good things about Mark Brazaitis, Director of the Workshop and Professor of English at WVU, Renee Nicholson, Multi and Interdisciplinary Studies and Dominique Bruno, Graduate Assistant and Major Social Media Queen of the Workshop. All were particularly helpful and encouraging.

Alonzo @ the podium

And reading an excerpt from “B-SideMan” was pure icing on the cake. I loved being on a panel where folks had questions about Playwriting as an art form, and also questions about the business side of Playwriting. I hope a few more of these are in my future. And I met two of the kindest people, Howard and Karen Owen. Howard Owen is a detective writer who wins awards faster than anybody I know. I was totally entranced by his latest book, “Grace,” coming out in October. “Grace” has that Walter Mosley/Raymond Chandler feel. And I find that a good detective story carries me away.