Successful “B-Side”

“Life? She come and she go” Nobody famous said that, I just made it up. But, it applies to the last six months working on “B-Side Man”. And now, it’s over. The shows in NYC were wonderful, as were the performances with the Charm City Fringe Festival.

charm-city-fringe-festivalIt was hard work because it took me completely OUT of my normal life. Funny as that may seem. But I developed a commitment to learning the lines in my own rhythm, and having lines, action and sections of the play (it’s a 20 pg. monologue) work seamlessly. Of the four performances at the Stillpointe Theatre Saturday night was out of this world. Great audience, and I think I nailed it. At least a critic who saw the preview for “B-Side” was pleased. Not having acted in quite some time, it “took a minute” to re-establish what kind of presence I’d bring to the play, even though it was my own dang play! You ask yourself all kinds of questions, from “how do I look onstage,” to what positions, motions and tone are the best for the moment. But from June to November I was entirely INVESTED in the process. Frequently, running lines in my head right before falling asleep. I wouldn’t have traded this for anything in the world. As we mature, we absolutely NEED things that challenge us. Mentally and physically. When we respond, it reassures us that what we thought were mountains were really, molehills. I expect that sometime down the road I’ll be doing the play again. That little voice inside tells me so.