Looking Back As Birthday Approaches

My birthday isn’t till March, but I start feeling it’s “pull” right around now. I try and celebrate more than just a day, I subscribe to the “why just a BirthDAY? You deserve all the birthDAYS you can get, am I right” theory. Anyway, I decided to peruse “Alonzo’s Archives,” this morning and came away — impressed! How about that! Yes, that I was.

As I look back I realize just how much went into all my “little victories.” Each one didn’t make the ocean rise, or the earth move under my feet (vintage Carole King), but it did produce a joyful noise. From getting published, to reviews that soar (honestly I look for bad ones but can’t find them — except from the 1986 NYT review of “He-Man Ball” which seems to show up 1st or 2nd no matter WHAT I do), to acknowledgements that sneak up on me…


And sneak up they do. This year the Charm City Fringe Festival didn’t seem to have much PR in their corner, but there was a preview night that got some notice. And I showed up there also…

It’s been a long, winding road that has made me smile. And with my Birthday just around the bend, it brings a perspective that I annually arrive at this time of year.

When you’re arrive at a theater, one of the first things you do is open your program and look over the blurbs for the playwright, actor and director. Many times, they’re particularly lofty. They all seem to have re-invented the entire world of theater. But regardless of how many highlights we all have, when it comes down to it we’re all in the same pot. Seeking that distinctive event, or achievement that awards your name and your deeds that elusive CROWN. So we’re all in the same chase. We all have our glossary of moments from everywhere. Some win more grants, some perform before bigger audiences and some are transported into the realm of TV or movies. When we’re introduced to folks we tend to rattle off a slew of the biggest and grandest notches on our belt. Because otherwise………………..how would anyone recognize our uniqueness?

I wanted to start a blog for myself. Anyone who comes along and read it, that “gravy”. I just wanted some kind of chronicle. Some kind of witness. So what there may come a day like this morning when I can glance through and ask “how would anyone recognize my uniqueness?” And if the question just stays out there, just hangs in the moment, then I can at least answer, “well, I damn sure do.” And just like that, my ego is back up on that pedestal, right where it belongs.