Winning a Hermes Award

At the medical library I work at, I wear several hats. One of them is making short promotional videos. Last week one of the videos I directed one a Hermes Award.

HERMES AWARD 3   The Hermes recognize new media, old media, public relations, communications and social media. My team won a gold! I was exceptionally proud of this since, with the help of Phillip Elgie Media, the video was made for $1,500.

phillip elgie media


Many of the videos that won are well north of $10,000, and some pretty big name companies are attached to them. We won in the educational category. I put lots and lots of time and energy into making this with Phillip. We had a story that we felt those outside of academic, or the medical sphere, would appreciate and understand. So we made sure all the “little touches” were as spot-on as we could get ’em. If you like to take a look, here it is.

I never took film or video, but just like plays, I know what I like. I thought that our little “play’ would hit someone’s nerve in terms of leaving a lasting impression. I may or may not wind up making another video for the medical library. But knowing I could make this and have it be well-received is……noteworthy.

Welch Library Resources Image

Whenever my instincts are found to be on the money, then that’s vindication in so many ways. As anyone who’s offered ANYTHING out into the vast universe that we call creative arts will attest, the feeling of winning is always sweetest when you think (rightly or wrongly) that the world plots against you. Or, feeling as though you’re rolling that sisyphus-ian boulder up the &%$@** dang hill.

So, let me announce…..a victory has been won. Let the drinks flow freely to all the assembled masses.