Well-Being & New Play “Exposed To Strangers”

As much as I’m all for “mental well-being,” for me it starts in the physical realm. If I can’t go outside and play in some way, shape or fashion — then I’m not well at all. That’s a fact. As much as we’re all locked into one internal conundrum after another, more and more I find that the physical world holds the keys to my own well-being kingdom. So to this end, I’m promoting (and doing!!!) the annual Tour ‘Dem Parks bike ride.

TDP2018PosterThough I missed last year, I’ve done this ride maybe 10 or 11 times and I always come away with a great sense of bike fellowship. Usually I end up talking to someone along the way who’s discovering Baltimore for the first time. Or, discovering the particular parks and scenery for the first time. Ride “Founders” (and good friends) Dwight and Anne have pulled this ride together since it’s inception. If you want to get an up-close-and-personal Baltimore vibe, I highly recommend a little two-wheeler time on June 10th.

NEW PLAY ALERT! Have you wondered about all the women who’re having sex with school kids? Around the country this phenomenon just won’t let up. Every other day we’re bombarded with new revelations about the latest school indiscretion. Exposed To Strangers” investigates this salacious issue from a very personal perspective. I’ve taken a relationship between a student and his female teacher, a relationship that was quite famously documented a few years back, and entwined it around a total stranger, a male librarian from a different part of the country, becoming “pen pals” with the same (now incarcerated) female teacher. As I wrote the play, so many issues came to light. “Issues like what,” you say? The librarian is married. His wife discovers her husband’s pen pal “affair,” and what she brings to the table is a level of outrage and curiousity. At the same time, the teacher stays in touch with her student, and both wonder about their future together or apart. Yes, I hope it sparks a nerve. The morality index alone could be through the roof. We’ll see how the prospects of “Exposed To Strangers” play out. It’s one thing to have what you think is a great idea, it’s a whole ‘nuther thing for it to see the light of day. Do I think it’s a great play? Damn yippy-skippy I do. Why would I sit around writing anything less? D’uh!