“Exposed To Strangers” — Reading in November

Ahhhhh, fall is on the near horizon! My favorite season. Hey, it’s been awhile since my last post, but here I am. Still standing. And I’m happy to announce that, yes indeed, my newest play “Exposed To Strangers” will be having a staged reading in November. It’s sponsored by the Dramatist Guild and will be at The Strand Theatre on Harford Rd here in B’More. All I need to do is find four actors, (two men, two women) and away we good. What’s “Exposed To Strangers” about? Here’s a short synopsis:

“A married middle-aged librarian, Odysseus, decides to send letters to a “famously” imprisoned middle-school teacher who had a controversial affair with a 12 yr. old student of hers. The controversy evolved into a nation-wide spectacle, that generated into a full-scale tabloid media investigation. The teacher was found guilty for engaging in sex with a minor. Though Odysseus writes letters, he’s never received one in return. Till one day, a letter arrives.”

That’s the play inna nutshell. The reading will be at 7:30, November 14th. Oh, in October I’ll be doing my 2nd Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome.

I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to see so many kids with Down Syndrome becoming so exhilarated to walk together. They’re so tickled to have an event that’s dedicated to their own fun. And they’re proud to be out there. You can do the run, but I’ve never been a runner. It’s a joy to be part of it because it feels like all I do is walk and smile. And then when you finish, you’re still smiling.