The “Grace” project is now officially underway. I’ve got on a BIG smiley face. I’m so proud and humbled to be part of this effort. It’s been created and launched by Peter Bruun, who I worked with on the New Day Campaign several years back. New Day was an incredible experience. From October 1-December 31, 2015, over 92 days, the New Day Campaign presented 16 art exhibitions and 63 free public events, and conducted a community outreach campaign in the Baltimore region that opened hearts, changed thinking and conversations, and offered pathways to action. To be a participant and a witness to the power of New Day was for me, beyond vocabulary.

And here we are again with Grace. A journey that takes you on an interior ride with six artists. We all choose different vehicles for the trip. My Grace efforts start right here. And if you’d like to register for a “speaking about Grace” event — you can do so now.

Special thanks to Holly Morse-Ellington for her exquisite storytelling and narration, and Julie Golonka for all her help with editing. I mentioned in a Zoom discussion that when you mention the word “Grace” in conversation now, because of what we faced during the last year, it feels as if folks just naturally bow their heads. As if no more words need be said. That pretty much sums up where I feel we are, collectively.

So let’s raise an imaginary champagne toast to a new project that arrives with so much heart and soul.

Zooming Into Summer

New Projects On The Way — “Gratitude Monologues” and “Grace”

Hello From the Bright Side!

Aside from Cedric Mullins, centerfielder for the Baltimore Orioles who seems to make great highlights every/single/day — I think this summer is working the same magic for your humble playwright.

I was recently invited to participate in the Gratitude Monologues, a Zoom event with All Souls Unitarian Church in NYC. Performances will be one hour a week in July and August, and will have monologues and songs. “Gratitude” will be the theme and the monologues and songs will serve as the catalyst to help attendees explore their own lives, dreams, loves, longing and feelings of separation or despair. Here’s a sample of All Souls performing “Shenandoah“.

There’s no cost and people from around the world will be attending. After the performances, there will be a conversation with the writers, composers, and actors. The audience will be encouraged to talk about what the monologues or songs bring up for them, in their own lives. Not the usual post performance audience talk back, by any stretch.

I’m excited to be invited — someone heard me reading an excerpt from “B-Side Man” back in December for Roland Tec’s Some1Speaking Monologue event, and thought I’d be a good fit for “Gratitude”. You never know what the small ripple in the pond will touch.

I’ll provide more info when it becomes available.

In the same vein, I’m also a contributor for Peter Bruun’s online exhibition of “Grace” that kicks off June 24th.

Click the link and scroll down you’ll see the list of the six artists, along with yours truly. I’m equally excited to contribute to Grace. My contribution is something in the multi-media vein. I’ll keep it a surprise till things kick off. But, I think it works. Both projects are tapping into the vein of where I believe we all are right. Coming out of 2020, I can’t think of better themes than Gratitude and Grace. Can you?