Twirly Zucchini To Die For & What A Salad!

That’s some swirly-twirly Zucchini you’re looking at, with some homemade tomato sauce and some sausage.

Twirly Zucchini

Otherwise known as SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS. Without the spaghetti, and traditional meatballs. Oh my was it tasty as all-    get-out. Zucchini that looks (but doesn’t taste like Spaghetti!!!) is a godsend. Pasta tends to give you a little bloat afterwards, this    definitely does not. Oh, you want more good stuff?



Here’s a salad Wiffee made that’s freakin incredible. Pecans, grapes, green beans, carrots, pumpkin seeds, figs — need I go on? A little dressing of rice vinegar, and olive oil. You’ll be crunching forever but your lunchtime tummy will thank you a thousand times over. Very Paleo because of the seeds (we threw in some hemp seeds just for show). With Paleo, you may not have THIS kind of dedication everyday because it’s hard to have the preparation-routine down pat every morning. But you can mix this in with what you usually eat and you’ll probably feel much less guilty the next time you want that delicious cheeseburger (we just had exactly that with fries yesterday at Burger Brothers in Towson, MD. And WHAT a cheeseburger it is).


Even though I have A FEW paleo recipe books, I find myself looking through Paleo Grubs. Seems like they always have some informative that I hadn’t heard about. Next time I fix some paleo quick bread, I’ll share some pics. The key is using coconut and almond flour. A lighter flakier concoction. As spring arrives making paleo dishes seems much easier. Maybe it’s my own frame of mind.