Folks I know, Things I think.

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Love to ride and take pictures. During lots of organized through the years, folks get all dressed up and then race around like they’re in prep for the Olympics. It’s just a city ride. Enjoy yourself. Take a pic. Smell a flower. What’s the rush. Why’s it that people think riding a bike must involve the racing mentality. Yeah, we all like to go fast, but is it the sole reason we ride a bike? Hearing ALL the shoes click in at a rest stop inna park on a Sunday morning feels like I’m riding with a bunch of bike nazis….

All pics are from this past summer fun…..

Friend Dwight holds down the orange Tee-Shirt for Tour Dem Parks. Dwight worked like a dog lending a hand w/organizing.

Co-Worker and friend Gary, protecting our bikes at all costs for the Chestertown, BIKE MS ride a while back. Gary’s quite the ham, and be the first to admit it.

And a family enjoys a stranger with a camera asking he could have a pic. They were much amused.