Reading “Zulu Fits” @ CityLit Project

ImageTyrone Requer and Alonzo got to read an excerpt from “Zulu Fits” today at the CityLit Project, part of the Baltimore Book Festival. We had BIG FUN. It was an absolutely lovely day, and as I told Tyrone before we started—what a great day just to be a little goddamn artistic. I mentioned to Nicole (wiffee) a few other that “ain’t this grand” statements. I was fortunate to be asked. Hering your words out in the open air with people stopping by, or just momentarily “caught” by something coming from you—is a rush. Here’s the rest of the Playwriting Gang afterwards.


That’s Kathleen Barber, Barry Feinstein’s wife to my right. Barry runs the Fells Point Corner Theatre. Kathleen is a writing powerhouse. The more I stick around writing Plays, the more I appreciate times and events like this. It just hits all the buttons. There are so many “ornery” moments connected to Theater, that when an innocent one arrives you hardly know what to do with yourself. Got a wee bit humbled today……


I’ve tried MIGHTILY to describe the plot of “Zulu Fits” and try as I might, it always seems as though I’m talking about some 3-book trilogy that has some shape-shifting plot. I want it be synched-up into a neat nutty-buddy. Well, it’s not. And the more I think about it, the more I realize it’s just a freakin epic. That’s all. It has a design that by it’s very nature, by the very territory it covers, is mind-blowing (and yes, I know I’m the author of “Vivisections From The Blown Mind”). The next production of “Zulu Fits” will be the one that ARRIVES. Mark me words.



Alonzo Joins CityLit Festival For Script Reading

September 30th, me and 7 other Maryland State Arts Council Grant Winners (for Playwriting) will be reading excerpts from our scripts. Where? We’ll be reading Krazy Kat Style downtown as part of the Book festival.

It’ll be me reading along with another actor, Tyrone Requer. We’re psyched! Psyched I tell ya! We’re reading in a Tent right around the Monument on Charles St. We’re scheduled to start at 12:00. Come on down. We’re gonna tear Da Roof Off Da Sucka. Natch. Tyrone and Alonzo will be reading from “Zulu Fits”.


“East Side Story – Johns Hopkins and The AFRO Celebrate East Baltimore” –

Here’s an update on the Project I’m working on with Hopkins. We have a new title and I think this gives a bit more clarity to the nature of our presentation. It’s happening on Nov. 5th.


I’m excited, to be sure.


Hey Out There! I’m working with Project Gado (Tom & Amy Smith) to create a dramatic presentation at Hopkins. We’re looking to incorporate images from the AFRO-AMERICAN Newspaper, which feature Hopkins and East Baltimore. I’ve already written the script—-and the actors are all on board (Yakima Rich, Tyrone Requer and Tucker Fultz). How’s bout that. We’re getting funding from the Welch Library and the Office of Government and Community Affairs. We’re looking for a 3rd party since we’re still a lil bit short money-wise.

We think it’s a gem of an idea—and Alonzo has been hard at work talking to a variety of campus organizations. Getting this off the ground has been a challenge to say the least. It’s all getting started from the ground up, and something like this has never been done at Hopkins before. So it takes some convincing (by Alonzo) to everyone I talk to that we’re not out to cure all the social ills between Hopkins and East Baltimore. I think folks immediately think we’re creating some polemic, propaganda about race and privilege. That’s for someone else’s play. We’re creating small, intimate moments that reflect on the development of Hopkins, the community of East Baltimore and framing these around some gorgeous historical images.

We’ll see how things work out as we move further into September…….