Alonzo Joins CityLit Festival For Script Reading

September 30th, me and 7 other Maryland State Arts Council Grant Winners (for Playwriting) will be reading excerpts from our scripts. Where? We’ll be reading Krazy Kat Style downtown as part of the Book festival.

It’ll be me reading along with another actor, Tyrone Requer. We’re psyched! Psyched I tell ya! We’re reading in a Tent right around the Monument on Charles St. We’re scheduled to start at 12:00. Come on down. We’re gonna tear Da Roof Off Da Sucka. Natch. Tyrone and Alonzo will be reading from “Zulu Fits”.


One thought on “Alonzo Joins CityLit Festival For Script Reading

  1. Congratulations on being apart of the CityLit Festival. Wish I could be there. Hopefully it will be tapes and posted to a Youtube channel.



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