“East Side Story” Parts 2 & 3

It took awhile but here’s the 2nd and 3rd “installments” from the show.

I still have fond recollections of how well it went off. I do wish it’d taken on a second life. Someone who saw that show is somewhere right now thinking, I wish that could be done or seen again.

So there’s a degree of, shall we say, remorse. There are so few productions of this sort associated with Hopkins (Ok, I’ll say it—there are probably none), and this touched all the points from the script, which in turn touched all the points I wanted to hit, as Writer/Director. And speaking as Mr. Writer/Director, it’s about time (as my mental Playwright Clock tell me) for another Production. I think something major could be around the corner. At least, as I was doing my walk around (I’ve taken to doing no less than 3X’s around) Druid Hill Reservoir—-it’s just time for something else to show up. I’ve devoted my free time lately to trying to finish “B-Side Man”, and it’s almost done. It’s gotten quite weighty with the inclusion of Charles and his passing. But this is a nice juxtaposition between the jump-off spot. It’s the rollercoaster I envisioned. There’s the unparalled heights of run-amuk ego and then there’s despair and heartbreak. I assume that if it touches me, then it should same for someone out there. We’ll see. I’m hoping to read parts of it on the radio sometime in January, perhaps. Will let you know the details.

As the year closes, I reflect back and try to sense the worth of what I did. Whether it was through projects or work-related stuff. While I do have a sense of achievement, there’s also a sense of “what next?”. Where will the new challenge come from and what will it’s design be? And this is where the fork in Alonzo’s Dreams come directly into focus. The written plays and the years are now adding up, and there should be some recognition that equals out this addition. Especially since this IS my Decade. If you didn’t know that, apologies. I’ve mentioned it to several people. How could I not mention it here. Shame on me. That’s right, laugh if you will, but I intend to clobber my 60’s. Well, sure I’m not there yet, but time will tell, time will REVEAL whether I was on my Don Quixote horse or a true stallion.

One thought on ““East Side Story” Parts 2 & 3

  1. Embrace the creative rollercoaster and push the emotional envelope with “B’Side Man.”
    Sometimes our best work comes when we walk without a net…

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