Baker Awards & East Side Recap

Hello, it feels like ages. I FINALLY finished “B-Side Man” and submitted it to the Baker Artists Award. Put in my name and there I be! Feel free to stop by and leave a comment or two. There’s a WP copy of the script along with an audio recording done by ALONZO. The script was short enough (51-55 minutes) to read, and I just took that much-acclaimed “what the hell” approach. It’s less a traditional script, and more traditional storytelling. Since it’s wound up having Charles as a focal point, maybe it’s the thing you have to expel from your system before you move on. But I also felt the story itself had larger themes.

You ‘pect me to relay what them larger themes are? Nope, put in my name and go to the Baker link. It’s up there somewheres.

I was also happy to see that PROJECT GADO put in a recap for “East Side Story” from waaaaaaaa back in November. I believe they very nicely recapture the evening in stages. Performance, Comments and ‘Freshments.  What oh what will 20123 bring? Something tells me there’s adventure and revelations to be had. But since I just read Kirk Douglas’ book about the making of “Spartacus” and re-saw the movie within the last week, I have to mention the MUSIC by Alex North which is so incredibly lovely.

Love to anyone who stops by here.