My MS Ride on Eastern Shore

I did this ride AGAIN, and loved it more than ever. As you can see by the picture, we were around the water —- alot, as it so happened —- and it was a breath-taking day. My little Bike Friday came through like a champ. Can’t say THE SAME for Alonzo as I got THEE WORST CRAMP I’VE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. It took me down, that’s for sure. But the weekend was wonderful. Nicole and I had some good barbeque after the ride, and the next day some Dairy Queen (if you haven’t been exposed to the pleasure of a “Peanut Buster Parfait,” you haven’t lived, my friend. It was a lovely time all the way around. I can’t say enough about riding my bike on a gorgeous day. The benefits are what made me who I am, right this minute. Health-Wise, Mental-Health Wise, all the way Wise. I raised more money for MS this year than ever, so life, as they say, is good???????????????????????????????.

MORE Nice PR From Houston “Fade To Black” Festival

Well they don’t mention ALONZO in this Video, but Denise O’Neal is getting some nice recognition for her first-ever Festival. Here’s a local show that gives you a clip from one of the plays written by Carlton and Barbara Mollette. They were writing way back when I was at the Univ. of Iowa. Big Ups to them. Well, for that matter Big Ups to me since I’m still in the game, too. Who’d be done thunk it. The clip stops around the 14 minute mark. They continue talking about other dramatic happenings in Houston, but I have no driving, personal affinity to watch any of that.