Another Play Festival For Alonzo

Hey There! Sup! It’s been a minute since I was here. Not since the MLA Conference in Boston awhile back. But summer heat has officially code-red’d itself in Baltimore and now I’m rockin n’ rollin. “Cultural Diversity Ate My Lunch” will be performed in Houston (3rd production in Houston, 4th in Texas) as part of the “Fade To Black” African-American Play Festival. (look all the way at the bottom to see the plays) I’m pretty thrilled. Even though it’s a 10 minute play (the Festival will have 9 plays performed each evening, Nicole and I were going to try and make it out there. But, it’s not in the cards.

I’ve been in conversation with Denise O’Neal, Director and Creator of the Festival, and she’s pretty psyched about “Cultural Diversity” (she’s Directing that too) and the Festival, too. We laughed on the phone about there being 3 (count ’em 3 plays) plays about Martin Luther King. Well that’s alright. Dr. King deserves all the pub he can get.

“Cultural Diversity” will now have been performed by “Barhoppers” in Charlottesville, VA., The IDA Festival in New York and now Houston. Yet it’s so politically incorrect, it’s too funny for words—-so sez Ye Hunble Playwright. It’s gone from being a monologue to being a 2-character piece, with a Bartender chiming in to the college Professor’s passionate ranting and most spirited raving. After not looking at it for awhile, when I go back to it—-I’m in stitches right off the bat. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was an even bigger market for the play somewhere down the line.

Alonzo Teaching for Effective Science Communication

I was asked to teach several sessions for “Effective Science Communicactions” last month. So I spoke about blogging, communications and social media—-from a Welch perspective, of course. The students seemed interested in my anecdotes and the overall involvement of the library in mounting a social media component. You know I’m having fun when my hands are folded and I’m looking calm. Sure I’ve got lots to say—but relax, I got time. The students seemed happy that I wasn’t speaking about SCIENCE. I’m sure they hear more than their share about that. Diedre Ribbens, who I met on the bike trail, asked if I would come speak. Hey, how could I turn down somebody I met on the bike trail. It’ when I’m teaching that I fully realize how much what I do as a “Communications Specialist” has become implanted into the everyday world of the Welch Medical Library. I hope that doesn’t sound too “hefty,” but it’s true regardless.

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Next time around I’ll have to give you my “OCTAVIUS IN LOS ANGELES” updates.

Headed 2 Beantown

Me Too DressyNo, I’m not taking in a RedSox game. And no I’m not taking in a Celtics/Knicks playoff game.

Alonzo was chosen to be a Blogger at the 2013 MLA Conference in Boston. What’s the MLA? Medical Library Association. That’s right. I’m Blogging with my librarian brethren. What could be better? I’ll be up there showing all the solidarity I can muster. There will be a lot of Welch Informationists (co-workers) there, but they have—for the most part—-done this before.They haven’t had the Communications Specialist be there. How did I get there? I applied to the MLA and VOILA! Must be my MADBLOGGINGSKILLZZZZ, of course. Will let you know how it all goes. I’m excited, even though the topics are not things I would run up Boston to hear about under normal circumstances. But, it’s professional uplift and all that, so away I go. Will keep you abreast of my adventures and miscellaneous STUFF.