Biking & Donuts

I would never waste your time (and mine) relaying EVERY little idiosyncratic movement, gesture or mannerism of my EVERY waking thought. But this past Saturday I rode bikes with my buddy Dwight to Hoehn’s bakery on Conklin Street. We got there before 9:00 and the donuts were still hot. MAN-O-MAN, talk about some kinda wonderful. So me and Dwight ate like kings, and watched the parade of Donut Fans come and go.Image

And what a day it was. Bright sun. Biking around with all those early morning exercise “fiends”. You know, the women runners with that strain on their face. The guys with too much belly which they accentuate with lycra and fluorescent kicks. But, as you can see, we clearly OWNED the moment. Hey, life is good, is it not? That’s Dwight above.

This is me…Image 

The ride back uptown was just as grand. I highly recommend hot Donuts with any bike ride, most especially in the winter. OK-OK, so we rode in the fall—-we got a jump. 

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