Donut Ride Part Deux – Journey To The Fractured Prune

Me and Me buddy Dwight ONCE AGAIN made our way to donuts a couple Saturdays ago. That’s Dwight, and that’s my pretty red Kona. Dwight had NEVER had a hot donut. Well we changed all that. The Fractured Prune is a fanciful hot donut place. Anything you want on a donut, they can put there. And they come out hot and delish. It’s on Harford Rd, and we motored on up there from our starting point — Barnes and Noble on 33rd St. This ride was a bit longer and hotter than our excursion for donuts. But was it ever worth it. And with a hot ride back, we felt earned our meal.

Me N' Dwight

I’ve had that red Kona for the longest time. And it’s created an “emotional memory” that I fall back on. See, just when I think I can ignore it FOREVER, it wears me down with all the memories of the rides we’ve shared. So I just can’t let it go. We’ve had some fun over the years. I love the red and black trip, and being a cross bike it can take me anywhere. I’m thinking of riding it for my next Century Ride (my first Century Ride inna long time), coming up at the end of this month. I’m hoping the red Kona get me through 100 miles.

I didn’t know that by simply leaving one of my bikes in the basement, it would cast such a spell over me. Wonder if that happens to other riders?

Recently, I did a Welch Library Podcast with the Dean of the School of Medicine and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Dr. Paul Rothman.Dean Rothman

Of course since Alonzo was the one who wanted the picture the most — Alonzo was the one who got left in the dark. Literally. What can I say, sometimes social media don’t always work out in your favor. Dean Rothman is a big sports fan, and an alumni of my alma mater — the Univ. of Iowa. But, he was quick to admit his allegiance to his native New York. We talked Library business (metrics for assessment, future direction and progress, etc…). Just another day at the office. People are always surprised that we are able to get such high-ranking Johns Hopkins folk to spend some time with us. You never know till you ask, sez I.



2 thoughts on “Donut Ride Part Deux – Journey To The Fractured Prune

  1. Alonzo,

    I have fond memories of doing some rides with you and the Red Kona. It has been a loyal machine. I’m sure there are at least 100 more miles in that frame. I feel the same way about my old Mongoose. With 15 years of riding logged on those wheels, there are countless memories associated. It’s tough to let go of those moments.

    We are over due for another ride ourselves. We’ll have to put something on the calendar for the coming year.

    Congratulations on the Podcast. Well done, Sir. Ask and ye shall receive.


    1. Hi Charles,

      So you do remember the red Kona. Yes, it’s been awhile since we took a ride. I think you were wearing my shoes the last time we went.

      But yes, inspite of my newer, perhaps flashier bikes, the Kona still calls me like one of those sirens in the “7th Voyage of Sinbad”. (And how come they never made a movie of the other 6?).

      Your comments are always much appreciated. I share them with Nicole all the time. Hope you are well out in LA, and work isn’t making you toooooo busy.

      Alonzo D. LaMont, Jr. Communications Specialist Welch Medical Library Johns Hopkins Hospital/University 410-735-6558


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