HashTag Vigilantes!!!

I wrote a one-minute play that I wanted to share. It’s called “HashTag Vigilantes,’ and I wrote it about 2 months ago. Why write a one-minute play? Well, you just never know…..when somebody will want a one-minute play. You gotta have an arsenal.


(Lights up. We hear the sound of footsteps moving fast. Finally, Jack arrives on stage and with much drama, collapses from exhaustion. Several moments pass, and then we see Ray and Liz, out for a stroll, quickly rush to the side of Jack)


(Helping Ray sit up)

He’s hurt—hey—hey fella are you alright? Are you hurt? What happened?


Were you attacked? What happened? Can you walk?


They chased me —- they followed me—they’re hunting me down—-!!!


Who—who chased you? What were they after? What happened?!


I—-I—-I posted an inappropriate tweet.


But that’s “cyberspace”. Not real life. You’ve just lost track. Blurred things up.




Cyberspace isn’t really “out here”— in the open. It’s not reality. What could you tweet that would get you so paranoid?


I said Lady Gaga has funny hair.

(Ray and Liz slowly move back from Jack. Their expression slowly changes to complete horror. Jack sees the change, leaps to his feet)


Eat my cyberdust Hashtags!

(Jack races off, Ray and Liz in hot pursuit)

The End


REV Telling Baltimore logoI posted an entry in The Telling Project that talks about our performance at Hopkins. We have to rev up in a few weeks for our next performance in November, I believe it’s at the Carver CenterCarver Center School in Towson. I could be wrong. We’ll have two less cast members, but should be good to go. I have that feeling, maybe cause it’s fall, that I get tingles about some good news coming my way. I get these tingles most prominently in Spring and Fall. The changing weather seems to affect me that way. I see those times as “anything goes” periods where out-of-the-blue news will catch ahold of me. Particularly when I haven’t had any out-of-the-blue stuff come my way for awhile. That’s my vibe and I’m sticking to it.

Since the performance at Hopkins, I’ve been feeling alot of post-exhaustion exhaustion. I also finished up several other projects related to Hopkins. A “Prezi” (“The Essense of Pam”) for Dean Jeffries. She’s Dean of Digital Initiatives here at the University. My colleague (and the one who actually knows Prezi did the hard labor, my contributions came on the creative end of things. She showed this Prezi at a Robert J. Wood Foundation presentation earlier this month. The Prezi looks at her life from both a family and career perspectives. I also wrote a long passage about her role as mother, wife, teacher, educator. There are some beautiful, heartwarming family pictures and the music (which I hope you can hear) is very soft and reflective. I’m proud of it.

I also finished Directing a video for the Center For Educational Resources at the University. I’ll post it later, it took ALLLL summer and became a labor of love. So between rehearsals and working on these two items I’m mentally rundown. I don’t want any other outside projects anytime soon. I just want to watch sports, read, ride, rinse and repeat.


2 thoughts on “HashTag Vigilantes!!!

  1. Linz,

    Unfortunately, you cannot take 1 minute plays on planes. I had two on me when in the TSA line and they were taken from me! Apparently they are as deadly as shoe bombs and underwear explosives.

    Sent from my iPhone


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