What Inspired Me

So today I saw someone ask this on twitter — “what inspires you?” And it actually gave me PAUSE. I mean, that could be all over the place. You may think of a particular person, a particular event. So as I ruminated, it came to me.

REV. Swezi Banzi Is DeadThese are two actors performing the first play I ever saw in New York. It’s called “Swezi Banzi Is Dead” and it’s by a South African Playwright. Set during Apartheid, it knocked my socks off. I couldn’t believe that just these two actors could produce something so dramatic and powerful. It set my little Playwriting apetite on fire! I knew that plays didn’t have to be these big productions. I saw how far “intimacy” travelled with an audience, and that the task of taking an audience on this journey wasn’t impossible. “Swezi Banzi” has been made into a movie (it’s by no means a “major motion picture) and produced many, many times. Here’s some Wiki info to peruse.

Feel free to share what inspired you…..