GBCA Brown Bag Lunch

Here are the details about the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance’s Brown Bag Lunch. It’s coming up fast. Very pleased to be doing this. Having spoken with the moderator, Jon Spelman (listed below), it feels as though I’m already dialed in for the discussion. Who knew this opportunity would present itself — ??? — But then again, who knew “B-SideMan” would start to inform my other activities? All very much in the “go figure” category. Peter Bruun (also listed below) has started his “New Day Campaign” which is centered around presenting art that works with healing those suffering from a behavioral disorder or condition, or those who’ve just suffered period. It can pertain to the physical realm, but as with something like PTSD, the condition “lives on” in the mind. I’m going to his Information Meeting because I’d like to continue my work with the veterans, but completely apart from The Telling Project.

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