“B-SideMan” Wins A Grant

md. state arts council

Oh Happy Day…….

Who says February is a cold, dreary month. Not Alonzo. I think it’s a fabulous month. And even though March has come in like a lion, it feels pretty fabulous to me also! Let me tell you why winning this grant surprised me. I told Wiffee Nicole two days before I got the notice that I didn’t think I had any chance. “B-SideMan” was such a new concept for me (not for the style of the play), and I just didn’t think it had the juice MSAC was looking for. We’re so conditioned to negate the presence of positivity. Well I have to eat my words. And I am, one smile at a time. This is the 4th MSAC grant I’ve won, and I’m thrilled to pieces. As always for artists, it’s ALLLLLL about the recognition.True Dat. I imagine winning an Oscar feels almost as sweet. What I’ve found is I really want to savor the experience. Bask in the glow. Enjoy the MSAC reception. I sure did back in 2012. That’s me below, outside the American Visionary Art Museum.

Me Too Dressy

It was a starry night. And I enjoyed the company of everyone who was there. Especially a couple artists I’ve known for a good long while. Ahhhhhh, yes. It good to reflect back and see where you’ve been. And yet, still love where you are right this moment. As the character “Alonzo” says in “B-SideMan,” — “one thing started to inform the other.” Congrats to everyone who won. Congrats to those who didn’t. I’ve been to both places, and will be back to both again.

But right now, I’m enjoying the fact that I’m a Playwright. And stuck with it.

2 thoughts on ““B-SideMan” Wins A Grant

  1. Congratulations on your recognition. Bask in it. Looks like you have been very busy artist!

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