Getting a virtual read in Atlanta

So as events unfold, I was asked to have “That Serious He-Man Ball” be part of the Dominion Arts Foundation “Powerhouse Readings” in August.

Quite a thrill I must say. They’re doing a retrospective of the best plays ever written.

Kidding! Their retrospective is of plays that kinda knocked people’s socks off, and then maybe they — “disappeared”. He-Man Ball has been my most produced work, and it put me on whatever map I was on. It has a long and illustrious history. (below, from the Houston Ensemble Theatre production, 2005)

Oh, it most certainly DOES have a history…

(Los Angeles Theatre Center, I think 1980 or thereabouts)

Lots of history…

(Clive Barnes, big-time NY Theatre Critic put me on a pedestal)

So I’m very proud and excited about the reading. To be thought about on any level is a privilege. Truly. There’ll be t talkback afterwards, and I’ll share what I know with anyone who’s curious. Robert Connor, Founder of Dominion Arts, saw the original production of He-Man in Atlanta and it stayed with him for — what? — about 25 years (or more!).

Here’s the pertinent info. Anyone’s welcome to join in.

I just love showing off all this fly PR they’ve put out there. You can usually judge projects by the PR — and right now I’m all smiles.

3 thoughts on “Getting a virtual read in Atlanta

    1. Hi Andrew, what a surprise! Hey, I don’t think this is being recorded. You have to register to hear it. Also, I revised the play back in 2005, it was produced by the Houston Ensemble Theatre, but judging from the reviews it didn’t seem to have lost any of it’s “weight” or humor. If you can’t make it (very understandable, everybody seems to have have a busier life here in the new normal) it’d be great if you could register and make a donation (it’s one of those “whatever you can do” thingies) that’d be great. Thanks for reaching out.

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