Playwriting — Forward and Back

Let’s see where the next zoom opportunity comes from. When I look back at my creative history, I’m amazed at some of the achievements that run across my radar. I was looking back at several amazing productions in Austin & Houston Texas that seemed to have generate lotsa buzz. More reviews, pics and Alonzo Activity are available in “Alonzo’s Archive”. It’s a true gift to be able review moments from my artistic life. If the coming years are even half as good, then I’m one lucky fella. One theme I’ve heard several times over, and this comes from Corona-V, that it’s time for American Theatre to re-evaluate the classics that have been passed over, most especially from African-American playwrights. Such as moi. Our work from the 1960’s on has never really re-surfaced. And speaking from experience, this is most definitely true from my early days in the 80’s. But, life goes on. I think folks are “warming” to black theatre, and/or white theatres performing more works by playwrights of color. (That be me)

And this poster from Houston is sooooooo jazzy it’s positively outta-sight.

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