Here comes December — and another reading

Yes, you read right. “B-Side Man” has come up big once again. It was chosen to be included in an evening of “Some1Speaking” monologues (scroll down I’m there!) on December 7th. I’ll be reading an excerpt, in fact it’ll be the very beginning of the play.

And people say this pandemic is all bad. (I keed). What it’s done is transform the world of theatre into a more creative dynamic. Actors are dying to act, directors to direct, and theatres — along with all the entrepreneurial spirits connected to theatre — want to keep things moving forward. Most especially surrounding “spoken word” drama since all the alternatives for traditional plays are now officially open for business. Who’d-a-thunk I’d be on the spoken word forefront? It’s as if I found myself in “Being There,” only I was there all along.

“B-Side” has had it’s share of readings. I don’t know what it’ll take for some lucky artistic director to say, “huh, maybe I need to get on this B-Side Man gravy train and produce a full production.” Till that happens, I’ll take everything that comes my way. Being here, there and all points in-between.

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