Special Thanks to The MarshStream!

I had a blast performing”B-Side Man” this past weekend for the MarshStream International Solo Festival.

And an extra special thanks to David Hirata, an eclectic performer in his own right, for handling my tech stuff (Zoom always seem to have a surprise or two) and keeping me plugged in. It’s always a delight to perform “B-Side” and I feel privileged to have been chosen for the Festival. The Marsh is allllllllllll the way out yonder in San Francisco and I’m happy my voice got heard. The Marsh is finalizing recordings of all the performances, I think around April 1st they’ll be available. I love the play (natch!) and any opportunity to perform it is a true gift.

“B-Side Man is Alive n’ Kickin!

Are you with me? It’s been a long time, but here I be. Still doing Theater! Can you believe it? Oh by gosh, by golly. So let’s get right to it. My script “B-Side Man” was chosen for the MARSH INTERNATIONAL SOLO FESTIVAL. I’m tickled pink. I’ve always believed in this script with a passion, and to be included in the Festival is a privilege and a joy.

The MARSH lives up to it’s name because there are Playwrights from around the world who’ll have their works performed. My performance says 1:00pm, Saturday March 26th. But it’s actually 4:00est. I was notified right around the end of February, so I’ve spent all my waking days and nights re-memorizing “B-Side.” Sounds simple enough, especially since I wrote it. But trust me, it’s trickier than you think.

Performances are free. But registration is required to get the zoom link for the performance(s). If you’re interested, register in advance and look for an email saying Marsh:Order Confirmation. This will include the link.

An All-Access Festival pass, which includes live shows and archived recordings, is $25. (Day passes do not include the archive of recorded shows.)

Recordings of the shows will be posted to Youtube April 1st and available until April 15th.

To be performing “B-Side Man” again means even more than when I first performed it. I performed at THE TANK in New York City and also performed for the Baltimore Fringe Festival. Two very different experiences and audiences. But “B-Side” seemed to “take” with both crowds. It’s ALOT to digest and emotionally it’s all over the place, spanning alot of my own growth (and wherever I was before growth) in my life and career. Having said that, I laugh ever single time I rehearse it.

More to come my friends…….