“That Serious He-Man Ball” Comes Back Around

Sharing good news never gets old! Sharing good news is ALWAYS a freakin joy! “That Serious He-Man Ball” will be performed in Atlanta at Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company this fall. Dates are Sept. 27th – Oct. 23rd. 22 performances, my friends.

It’s kicking off their 20th season, and I’m proud as punch. Why? “He-Man” was produced in Atlanta 34 years ago. 34. Years. Ago. Who knew something I’d written from soooooooo long ago would still be “in fashion”. But there it is. And as fate would have it, Kenny Leon acted in the very first production of “He-Man”.

When I was contacted by Jamil Jude (Artistic Director) I felt humbled and inspired, humbled that my play was still on someone’s radar and inspired by the fact that it was chosen to kick off their season. Who knew that my three characters, Sky – Jello and Twin, would be showing up again after three decades. I’ve always believed in “He-Man Ball,” and having that belief get confirmed (over and over, since it’s my most produced play) is a reward all by itself. I’ll be posting more as we get closer to September. So this is my Easter Surprise, and I gotta say this is so much better than an Easter Egg hunt.