Johns Hopkins “Five Minute History” looks at my old Callaway Garrison Neighborhood

Back in early June I was interviewed by Johns Hopkins, Executive Director of the Baltimore Heritage, about the Callaway Garrison neighborhood I grew up in. Callaway Garrison has an EXTREMELY rich history, in no small part due to their neighborhood association (the Callaway Garrison Improvement Association). Well, my father was one of the founder’s of that association and he is the key “player” in the mystery behind who planted the twenty-some apple trees in the neighborhood decades ago. This interview was done in the middle of Callaway Avenue, and it’s a story that makes me enormously proud.

I think once you hear this story you may have the same emotional reaction I had when I first unraveled the history behind this story. I can’t relay the powerful sense of family and heritage that I felt when this was all uncovered. Many of my former Callaway Garrision neighbors (I currently live in another neighborhood) know this story and we’ve all been touched by how this historical legacy was passed down. Obviously, many neighborhoods have great stories to tell, but I’d place this one on the top shelf. Hope you enjoy the video.