Well-Being & New Play “Exposed To Strangers”

As much as I’m all for “mental well-being,” for me it starts in the physical realm. If I can’t go outside and play in some way, shape or fashion — then I’m not well at all. That’s a fact. As much as we’re all locked into one internal conundrum after another, more and more I find that the physical world holds the keys to my own well-being kingdom. So to this end, I’m promoting (and doing!!!) the annual Tour ‘Dem Parks bike ride.

TDP2018PosterThough I missed last year, I’ve done this ride maybe 10 or 11 times and I always come away with a great sense of bike fellowship. Usually I end up talking to someone along the way who’s discovering Baltimore for the first time. Or, discovering the particular parks and scenery for the first time. Ride “Founders” (and good friends) Dwight and Anne have pulled this ride together since it’s inception. If you want to get an up-close-and-personal Baltimore vibe, I highly recommend a little two-wheeler time on June 10th.

NEW PLAY ALERT! Have you wondered about all the women who’re having sex with school kids? Around the country this phenomenon just won’t let up. Every other day we’re bombarded with new revelations about the latest school indiscretion. Exposed To Strangers” investigates this salacious issue from a very personal perspective. I’ve taken a relationship between a student and his female teacher, a relationship that was quite famously documented a few years back, and entwined it around a total stranger, a male librarian from a different part of the country, becoming “pen pals” with the same (now incarcerated) female teacher. As I wrote the play, so many issues came to light. “Issues like what,” you say? The librarian is married. His wife discovers her husband’s pen pal “affair,” and what she brings to the table is a level of outrage and curiousity. At the same time, the teacher stays in touch with her student, and both wonder about their future together or apart. Yes, I hope it sparks a nerve. The morality index alone could be through the roof. We’ll see how the prospects of “Exposed To Strangers” play out. It’s one thing to have what you think is a great idea, it’s a whole ‘nuther thing for it to see the light of day. Do I think it’s a great play? Damn yippy-skippy I do. Why would I sit around writing anything less? D’uh!


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Play Journey: “Cultural Diversity Ate My Lunch” Comes Back Around

While I was hunting and pecking around the web, looking for playwriting sites that call for — “new play submissions” (if you’re a playwright, you need to subscribe to a site or two. I’m a member of the Playwright’s Center in Minnesota and the Dramatist Guild out of New York) — anyway while I was taking a tour around both spots I was reminded about a short play I wrote ages ago that’s had three productions, and each production was in a completely different part of the country. The play was “Cultural Diversity Ate My Lunch”. It was produced in Houston, TX as part of the FADE TO BLACK series. Below the pic is a quickie review:



“CULTURAL DIVERSITY ATE MY LUNCH written by Alonzo D LaMont, Jr. and directed by S. Denise O’Neal is the final play in this year’s series. It is an absorbing commentary on the power of “agenda” in American social understanding and the illogical ideals of victimhood. The power of this work lies in the question posed by Ty Fisher’s Bartender, “What’s your disadvantages?” Both Bran Don Morgan as Professor and Ty Fisher as Bartender are superb in their roles.”

BranDon Morgan and Ty Fisher rehearse Alonzo D. LaMont, Jr.’s CULTRAL DIVERSITY ATE MY LUNCH.

And waaaay back in 2007, in Charlottesville, VA “Cultural” was performed as part of a Barhoppers series of short plays. And yes, the series was performed in a bar. Also, as part of their “Attitudes on Race” series, it was performed at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center on the lower east side of New York for the ID America series.

(With that link keep scrolling down, it’s there)

Each audience was so profoundly different. At Houston, audiences were a bit hesitant to laugh. In Charlottesville, VA audiences provided hearty laughter and in New York (where I expected NO laughs) they were over-the-top with laughter. The play is about a college professor who believes his contract is not being renewed, and steps into a local bar to rant against the current politically correct system of academia. It is decidedly anti-pc-in-nature content. But, I gotta say, IT’S TOO DAMN FUNNY! I recently submitted it to a festival in Atlanta and we’ll see how things turn out. If something good happens, I’ll explain more about the journey this play is taking.

Happy belated 2018!

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New Play Updates: “Masters Of Spin” and “A Momentary Lapse of Comedy” & Ray Charles

I’ve been off enjoying summer and biking and all the good stuff that comes with sunny days. But I’ve also completed two plays that I started and worked on many, many moons ago. Masters of Spin is based on an incident that happened at Morgan State University back in 2001. I kept a newspaper clipping or two because I thought it’d be a fascinating event to dramatize. Essentially, it shows what happens when a black public relations firm gets accused of discrimination by a historically black university? I try to make arguments for and against what the firm tried to do, and I attempted to be a fly on the wall inside the PR firm. I see it as a very intimate story, and imagine how it may have all played out on a personal and social level. I think the smaller cast allows for a far more individual perspective, and hopefully an audience can “dive” into the issues by connecting with the characters instead of just the headlines. The essence of the play revolves around issues with black hair. This is no small issue, since black hair is such a humongous business. There are proponents of natural hairstyles, and there are those who have no problem with all varieties of hairstyles, fake or otherwise. If it had been a white PR firm, the drama would be much more stereotypical, and there’d be no controversy. But, things take a different tone when it’s your own people. You recognize the reflection in the mirror, and — surprise — it’s you.

It’s a four character, full-length play that turns things a bit topsy-turvy. It also looks at developments that an African-American public relations firm might have on their plate. Some of which are real events, others I invented, but I think that ultimately, nothing presented is THAT far from real life. We rarely get to see the backstage machinations behind local news stories, that are full of so many machiavellian twists and turns. Would any of us be surprised to see what a Royal Scam things actually are? My guess is “nyet”. The royal scam





A Momentary Lapse Of Comedy” started off in one direction, but has been through a complete overhaul. I’ve always loved the idea of people stuck on a plane, who have to come grips with something hard and real about themselves. Well, in this case a “closet” comedian went and performed at a comedy club but didn’t inform his wife about it. No biggie, you say? Ahhhhh, but what if it was indeed a biggie? And what if the comedian’s two other friends knew about it, but didn’t tell the wiffee. And what the other friends are close friends who are now stuck on a plane when all this “comedic” news breaks? There they are: the wife, her comedian husband and the other couple who knew. As domestic-in-nature as this situation may appear, there’s another story going on. The comedian’s friend, who pushed him into the performance, has another motive — he also fancies himself a performer and the play actually takes a dramatic turn centered around this motive. There’s an “ugly something” that enters the world of this play, and I think it escalates the level of “relationship,” to another plateau. What if your supposed BFF had certain beliefs that filled you with disgust. You’ve known them for many years, and never knew that this THING was living inside of them? Would they still be your friend? Could you overlook? Accept? We make these choices in real life all the time. Mentally, sometimes we clean house and some people don’t make the final cut. Maybe they’ve been there for us in a thousand ways. But now that a door to a new room opens, do we walk forward or walk away?

These plays are in my PLAYS BY ALONZO area. I intend to load a bunch more.

Next week, September 13th, Waxter Wisdom will be doing a profile I wrote about a month ago. I’m thrilled it’s finally coming about. In reading about Ray’s life, it was soooo much more complex than I knew about. D’uh.
ray charles

Even though the movie does do him justice, imagining a blind, black man making his way as a musician is almost an unfathomable situation. But, if you know a little black history, you know that we’ve always walked in the footprints of trailblazing folks. And Ray didn’t just “make it,” he imparted such a grand style. He had so many hits, so many signature songs and took a very genuine leap into country music. I sit here at this moment and still marvel at the breath and scope of his impact. In writing these profiles I’m continually blown away at the magnitude of genius African-Americans have contributed to the world. If you’ve ever seen a picture (or film) of Dorothy Dandridge, Ray, Oscar Micheaux, Little Richard, Eartha Kitt —

eartha kitt

— (Eartha, above) you’ll be struck by the appearance of someone who knew how special they were, and how special THEY thought they were. And they were dead on the money in knowing that.

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Biking for MS

I’ve done the ride for Multiple Sclerosis for about 7 years now. And doing it this past June was just as awesome as doing it for the first time. So this year, as with a couple others, I rode my bike friday…

Me Wo Cool

Here I am at the start. Do you see the (snarky!?!?!) looks from the other team. They’re all thinking what others have thought when I show up with my little bike. “How’s he gonna ride 100 miles on that bike?” Well, ride it I did and as my memory recalls, I finished ahead of that other team in orange. It’s not a race, mind you. But why do folks think they have to get into spandex and racing mode. I’ve ridden my lil bikefriday on many, many organized rides and folks are still amazed when they see me out there all day with them. But I felt fabulous when I returned. I finished strong, and was no worse for wear. I have to say that my little bike is a gamer. I started at 7:00 and finished at 3:45. AND we had to take a ferry crossing which took away about 30 minutes of ride time.

I believe this pic says so much more about me than it does about riding. Rugged individualist. Lone Wolf. In the crowd, but not quite apart of it. You don’t need all that jaz to ride a bike. I understand the allure of it all, and I understand wanting to “belong” to your pack. And yet, there I am……flaunting my off-centerness. My just-riding-my-ride. My own damn my pack.

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Judging “Poetry Out Loud” and Alvin Ailey at Waxter

Been a pretty busy spring and as things move into summer, I’m feeling reflective AGAIN. Well, it IS the Life of Alonzo, and as most bloggers go, I’m also living in a reflective state 24/7….

Poetry Out Loud

As a Playwright, you quickly learn that you can’t just sit home writing plays all the goddamn time. Nooooooo, that model is not workable. What you need to do is get yourself out there and offer whatever gifts you have to people and places that would benefit from such an offering. Would it KILL YOU to network a tee tad? Nooooooo, it would not. So here be Alonzo right before the start of the Northwest Maryland Poetry Out Loud finals. Next to me is Gerard LaFemina (“Gerry,” to friends, Director of the Frostburg Center for Creative Writing, and good buddy. A few years back, one of my plays “Monifa’s Kiss” had a reading at Frostburg, that’s when I met Gerry. I’ve been a judge for “Poetry Out Loud”  the last two years and each time the poets (they read published poems, not their own) get more and more and more excellent. It’s a delight to sit and inhale their passion and expertise. That’s no lie, friends. They are on-point and take their tasks very seriously.

Next up (above) the Waxter Center performed “Alvin Ailey,” (written by yours truly) about a week or so ago and I was proud as punch of the job they did. That’s “Alvin,” on the left, the choreography for the piece was out of this world!!!) and afterwards I was invited onstage for a quick Q&A. As I’ve said before, this is such a rewarding experience. The seniors and visitors get a genuine treat because the writers, directors and actors PUT ON A SHOW. You’d think this was off-broadway, because everyone pulls out their  “A game,” for these performances. Tyrone Requer oversees “Waxter Wisdom,” and his daughter Dawn directed Alvin. Alonzo just throws out da script. Happy I wasn’t in the same outfit for each event…..

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Winning a Hermes Award

At the medical library I work at, I wear several hats. One of them is making short promotional videos. Last week one of the videos I directed one a Hermes Award.

HERMES AWARD 3   The Hermes recognize new media, old media, public relations, communications and social media. My team won a gold! I was exceptionally proud of this since, with the help of Phillip Elgie Media, the video was made for $1,500.

phillip elgie media


Many of the videos that won are well north of $10,000, and some pretty big name companies are attached to them. We won in the educational category. I put lots and lots of time and energy into making this with Phillip. We had a story that we felt those outside of academic, or the medical sphere, would appreciate and understand. So we made sure all the “little touches” were as spot-on as we could get ’em. If you like to take a look, here it is.

I never took film or video, but just like plays, I know what I like. I thought that our little “play’ would hit someone’s nerve in terms of leaving a lasting impression. I may or may not wind up making another video for the medical library. But knowing I could make this and have it be well-received is……noteworthy.

Welch Library Resources Image

Whenever my instincts are found to be on the money, then that’s vindication in so many ways. As anyone who’s offered ANYTHING out into the vast universe that we call creative arts will attest, the feeling of winning is always sweetest when you think (rightly or wrongly) that the world plots against you. Or, feeling as though you’re rolling that sisyphus-ian boulder up the &%$@** dang hill.

So, let me announce…..a victory has been won. Let the drinks flow freely to all the assembled masses.



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Reading Aloud in Starbucks

I recently contributed a post to Ann Bracken’s blog. I met Ann working with the New Day Campaign. That was several years ago, and we’ve kept in touch. Her writing comes from a very interior place, and Ann has born witness to particular kinds of darkness that she’s transferred into a writing voice with insight after insight. As we collaborated on our New Day event, I was left with chills when I heard her reading excerpts from her work.

Ann let me choose the subject and this led to “Reading Aloud in Starbucks.”

Ann's Blog It’s a light-hearted piece about stumbling across something we rarely see or experience. And it happens to take place in one of our “new shrines to privacy.” I’m continually amazed that folks scream about their privacy, but choose to work in the most public arenas. Conducting the most personal business.

I’m proud to have Ann share my little literary ditty.


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