Updates Slash Setbacks

Hey now……it’s been a hot minute since I wrote something. During that time I had a very successful performance of “B-Side Man” at The Ivy Bookshop. Wonderful audience with Q&A afterwards. I thought I did the best job I’ve ever done. I put endless time rehearsing that bad boy, but it paid off. The key for me, since it’s a good 50-60 minutes of JUST ME going solo is staying in the moment and not letting my mind jump to the next point — losing my place with the point I’m in. Something tells me I’ll be doing “B-Side” again.

On a less happier note, “That Serious He-Man Ball” at True Colors Theatre in Atlanta was cancelled, Not cancelled forever, but till NEXT SEPTEMBER. That’s right, September 2023. Reason? True Colors hasn’t quite recovered their pre-Covid audience and they’re cancelling their season till January. When they contacted me they were concerned that “He-Man” wouldn’t have the audience that think the play deserves. I was kinda crushed. I’d talked up Atlanta and was excited. Ahhhh, but theater does have a way of keeping you on your tip-tip-tippy toes with that sort of excitement.

So, in short, Fall fell flat.

I’m convinced that True Colors genuinely wants to produce the play. I have no reason to believe otherwise. It’s just that a helluva lot can happen inna year. Mentally you just have to roll with it. On the bright side, I’m starting a new play with a tentative title that will change by the time I finish this sentence. So I’ll hold off on releasing that. Not that there was a public outcry for my next big “play title” reveal.

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