The Paleo Playwright

Late last year Wiffee and I went on a Detox, and let me tell ya, it was all that and a bag of tricks. It turned us around. Not just with eating, but in ways too numerous to count. Our energy about life (which was never bad) seemed to regenerize and refocus. But I’m not standing onna platform preaching about what it can do for you. That’s not us. We just love how the process of eating has become this altogether new deal. Because whether, from day to day, we slip off the wagon — we love dusting ourselves off and getting right back up there. Hey, who doesn’t crave Royal Farms Fried Chicken every now and then. We sure do. But once the deed is done, the guilt sweeps you back into reality.

How’d it come about? I got the idea (from my sister-in-law) that I should start taking pictures about the food that we were making. Recently, about 5 months ago — Wiffee and I starting using aspects of the Paleo Diet.

PaleoDon’t get me wrong, we’re not hard n’ fast paleo people. We splurge and enjoy whatever from time to time. But the Paleo stuff we do make is soooooo gosh darn applealing! The one constant we try and use are the flours (coconut and almond), the nut butters (almond, cashew), the fats (coconut oil, ghee) and the use of all the green stuff (kale, collards), AND hemp powder, protein powder, flax seed, bone broth, more cauliflower and sweet potatoes. Gosh, when you write it all down it seems like alot. For us it helps cut down on my DEMONS — too much bread, sugar, pasta, processed food — and you can fill in the rest.

me with pretty juice

Here’s me in the kitchen about to drink the most beautiful purple colored juice you ever saw. It’s got beets, orange (peel and all), celery, apple, kale and a few other things. It’s too pretty to drink. We only had one beet, but as you know, a little beet goes a long way. Now, the pulp from this juice was absolutely too gorgeous to just compost. “What to do? What to do?”

I looked up “Pulp From Juice” and came across a community of folks who had the same inclinations as me. Why not go ahead and make something from it. So with recipes to the left and right of me, I set sail. I made this concoction of pulp, bananas (2, frozen), coconut flour, two eggs and some cinnamon, some brown sugar (I could have used maple syrup or nothing — but I’m too weak!!!) and some almond slivers. What came out were these:

More Pulp Muffins

Don’t let their size fool ya.To be sure, they’re not real big, the coconut flour doesn’t rise like normal flour — but they were too die for.They pack a punch. And all that great pulp is at the heart of it all. So score one for discovering another way to use pulp.  Pulp Muffins 2

Now, on the same day we had spiral zucchini with shrimp. As any Paleo Pro will tell ya, spiral zukes are a smarty-smart substitute pasta. You just saute it for a bit, and presto. But I’m not the spiralizer, Wiffe Nicole is. And truth be told, she does all the “heavy lifting” — if you get my drift.I dabble a little here and there. It was Nicole who brought the Spiralizer into our world. And next time I’ll have to show a picture or two showing her bone broth making skills.


Well, as you can see — we started with zucchini, but moved onto squash. Again, the color is like 3D. Part of the fun is watching food we may have taken for granted, TRANSFORM into something we (certainly Alonzo) never imagined. It’s like eating Art. Don’t you love how my thumb intrudes into the picture. My motto has always been “Blunders-R-Us”. Some might say it’s my calling card.

2 thoughts on “The Paleo Playwright

  1. OK, so now you have to list your recipe for your Pulp muffins!? I will agree though, some of your paleo baking is pretty darn tasty, coming from a carb junky like myself… I loved those cookies you made a couple of weeks ago, chocolate chip I think. I am waiting for the first signed copy of your Paleo Playwright cook book!

    1. Honestly Julie, we just threw in EVERYTHING because we were just thinking about making the juice. So Nicole cut up orange slices, added a bit of ginger, radishes — I wanted to use those — apple, beet, celery, kale. Stuff I can’t remember. And then I just decided to use the coconut flour, along with an egg, coconut oil (melted), 2 bananas, cinnamon, apple pie spice, brown sugar and mised wet with the dry. Voile — scooped it into the pan with our small ice cream scooper. Nicole was surprised, too. She suggested the bananas. Thanks again for the push in the right direction, Julie.

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