Almond Butter Zucchini Brownie Bars — Paleo Heaven

Man-Oh-Man! When I read all the reviews for these I couldn’t believe they’d be THAT good.

Surprise! They Wuz!

Almont Butter Zucchini Brownies

Incredibly moist. Tasty. You might not think that zucchini and chocolate would make a good marriage, but I’m here to tell ya — they do. Probably the best brownies I ever ate. PROBABLY THE BEST BROWNIES I EVER ATE. And I let them sit out for a good, long while. Gave them a little bitta crunch. It’s great to discover Paleo stuff that attacks my sweet urge. And again, only a few ingredients. The key is, natch, the almond butter. It’s lighter than reg. peanut butter and anything made with maple syrup has a sweetness that helps your tum-tum. You’re not dealing with the processed sugar. But you probably already know this. I loved these so much I made some more a few days later. And used cacoa powder. (Nicole’s idea) They were delish too. But I think I love the original recipe the best.

All I have to say is — give yourself a Paleo treat folks. This recipe is foolproof, and too easy for words. If you want to discover more go to a couple sites that I wander through daily: paleogrubs  and nomnompaleo. Can’t emphasize enough how what works best is the shortlist of ingredients.

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