Any Paleo Pal Will Tell Ya

Tell ya that you need those between meal snacks to be healthier. Yes, I love me some Doritos and an assortment of chocolates and sweets (always a soft spot in my heart for donuts and cakes), BUT to survive with Paleo you gotta have something like……..a Protein Ball!

Protein Ball

There’s my little afternoon snack, snuggled up against my chess set that I keep at work. (Yeah, I play me all the time, and win my fair share!!!). It’s cacao power, a little coconut oil, I used raisins, spices, and the not-so-secret ingredient — dates. But you soak the dates in water for about an hour. They basically you put everything inna food processor. I rolled them in coconuts and they’re snack-a-licious. Made all by me lonesome. They store well in the refrigerator. Take the edge off your afternoon when you’re naturally inclined to want that sweet something.

I’m trying to be good about CAKE till my Birthday net month. Will I make it? The disappointment factor is too great. I can’t fall back on cake. 

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