Salivatin’ Over Dis Stuff

So Wiffee Nicole is the real genius behind our modified Paleo diet. She whips up stuff left n’ right. This past Easter Weekend we had a potpourri of homemade nutriousness to chowdown. First up was spiralized zucchini (showed spiralized in another post) and sausage. We got the sausage from the farmer’s market on 32nd Street. So it tasted smooth as silk, not at all like stuff you could get at the regular market. This was animal-farm-to-table-to-tummy. The zucchini is so much fun when it’s coming at you all curly-cued up. The cat in the picture (Heddy Girl) did not partake in the edible festivities.Zucchini and Sausage  Also, what made the whole thing work was the homemade pesto. Make your own combo! Wiffee whips up nuts, oil, seeds, garlic and I forget whatall else. But it’s as scrump-piddity-umptious as it appears. Ended up using same pesto on toast later on…

Homemade pesto and Zucchini
















Later on I took another stab at using pulp from one of our juices (kale, beets, carrots, apple) to make another batch of those muffins.

pulp muffins















They may not look it, but they do stay together. As you can see, the fibrous stuff is intact. You can find recipes in my other posts (still using and If I had to attribute one specific attribute to eating Paleo it’s that you never have the bloated feeling afterwards. It also helps if you contain most (or all!) of your meals to BEFORE 8:00 PM. Gives you tummy chance to settle down.

But like I said, it’s modified. And I could end up posting pictures of this stuff any day now.

Royal Farms Chicken









We’ll see where Summer eating takes us.

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