Sunday Morning — Paleo Smoothie & Too Pretty 4 Words Din-Din


This is the remainder of a delicious morning smoothie that Wiffee Nicole created. Welllllll, it’s not exactly “created” in the true sense of the word. It’s a combination of ingredients we eat almost everyday. A handful of kale, hemp powder, blueberries, cantaloupe, a banana and a dash of maple syrup. Man-Oh-Man! It hit zeeeee spot. The cantaloupe was a new addition, but even without — it all works like magic. Have to say that of all my favorites (and blueberries and banana always run neck-in-neck, it’s that gosh-darn KALE that earns the top spot. Kale gives you something a little chewable, but it goes down smooth and you feel like you’ve had a daily supply of veggies in one drink. I try and drink these slow, but once it hits my throat, it just seems to zing on down, and I can’t help myself. Now for Din-Din….

Paleo Din-Din

This gorgeous piece of art are what most of our Din-Dins consist of. Lots of green stuff along with a portion of some kind of meat. In this case, a little bison burger plays nice with some quick-saute bean sprouts, and a kale/spinach salad with a different kind of beet — Chioggia beets are much easier to deal with (don’t have to worry about stain or preparation that much), we just grated them right into the salad. Also added some carrots, and topped with a paleo dressing that’s very eash to prepare. It’s honey/mustard dressing. I just pour some avocado oil (we’re trying it out), dijon mustard, and honey together — throw it all in our tiny bullet and VOILA! It’s good to go. Look how bright and wonderful it turns out. This was right before we dived into it. It’s all too pretty for words. I have to say the joy of Paleo is how easy things are to prepare. Whether it’s cookies (see other paleo post), or meat or salad dressing — you can usually “get ‘er done” in a snap.

Nicole and I were talking and without knowing it, Paleo gets you some eating meat, fruit and veggies almost daily. So you kinda stop thinking about all the junk you used to eat between meals. When you go to the market, there are aisles you used to go down, but now there’s no point. I’m not shouting from my high horse about this, I still love my sweets — only they’re more “occasional” than they were before. Of course, this being my BIRTHDAY WEEK, I gotta have Cake!!!


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