The Telling Project

Telling ProjectThis coming Tuesday, May 6th I’ll be attending a Telling Project meet-up at the Lord Baltimore Hotel. I’ll meet Jeremy Paris and we’ll discuss our fall productions of Telling at Johns Hopkins and performances at other venues. This project was something I worked very hard to get going. I wanted to work with Telling and the Veterans Arts Project since I first heard about them. Having the opportunity to direct (what should be 6 performances) puts a smile on my face. I hope we can incorporate the other design elements that the two students from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) already discussed with me. See, I was out there pounding the pavement trying to get some local interest started. I started with MICA since I knew George Ciscle (my old Cardinal Gibbons H.S. Art Teacher), faculty and Director of the MFA Curatorial Program. George put me in touch with the students who he mentioned already were working on exhibits/installations that could possibly work in a production such as Telling.

Here’s an announcement for Telling to come to Baltimore!

So, the sky’s the limit. I intend to catalog the process in my blog so there will be more to come. Could there be anything better than working on “East Side Story,” and now “The Telling Project?” I don’t think so.

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