Update on “Telling: Baltimore”

It’s definitely getting more official. Here’s more on the Interview process and rehearsals. Notice that now Yours Truly is now listed as the Director. There’s lots of work ahead. I’m still meeting with the MICA students Emily and Kirsten to see what elements they can bring to the production. And though I probably won’t be all THAT involved with the interview process (in terms of selecting our cast, I’m curious how it’ll all go down.

Unfortunately, with all veteran’s hospital abuse and neglect of veterans now in the news I think this raises the awareness of Veteran’s even more and I’d have to say that (in general) that in trying to “combat” this, the media and culture are trying to point out positive steps being done to improve the health and welfare of Veterans. Perhaps, even though Telling has a long history of productions, they’ll find themselves arriving at an entirely new level.


This is the sun rising on Topanga Canyon in California. Nicole and I stayed in a little “Shangri-La” there on our trip to California. One of my best buddies Charles Howard got married and we spent several days with Wedding stuff and then we rented a GORGEOUS little place in the Canyon. It was right near Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu and the beach. The Wedding was fabulous and our Shangri-La also came with pool, hot tub and the Santa Monica mountains. We took in The Getty Center (actually it’s a whole FREAK-KING campus).

With mountains and beach so close by, there was much to contemplate……..

Topanga Canyon

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