“Smiles From God”

To say that I now work in a medical library is perfectly delicious irony. I’m just one of those chameleons disguised as an MFA Gypsy, or vice-versa.

The new play may have to wait since I plan to revisit “Smiles From God”. And what’s the noise about that one? Here’s a synopsis:

“Chauncey a Wilmington, Delaware factory thug boss and adamant idolizer of ancient mythology, accuses Rico of stealing almost value-less fluorescent tubing. Questioned by Chauncey and his thug mates, Rico faces his final moment of truth, and flashbacks through his life. We see what kept him anchored to a city that never matched his yearnings for any mental, or physical adventures. Rico had visions of making it out. Never a great artist, he’s held onto an idea that’s continually fascinated him. A evolutionary question of Darwinian proportions. A question Rico re-interprets into a quasi-fantastical spiritual inquiry. As the world was first being formed, as organisms evolved and sought exploration from water to land, Rico asks, “Why did we come out of the Ocean?” Was it based on something un-scientific? Something illogical. An emotional stimulus? A yearning from above? Perhaps it was a calling from God? Rico has never coupled his idea with any decisive action. He remained an artist in name, not deed. Rico never became, as he told so many, that most magical of creatures— “special”.

As Rico reviews the baggage that kept him anchored in Wilmington, his final station is pieced together by mob boss Chauncey, who’s (seemingly) only interest was solving the theft of his fluorescent tubing. However, the sabotage of the one thing that made Rico unique—was conducted by Chauncey himself.

Rico looks back and realizes the mysteries of his last chapter still demand a resolution. A cruel mythology that ultimately arrives full circle.”

So there you have it. A full page synopsis if ever I saw one…..

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