Lauren Blackwell, Alonzo & Yakima Rich


Since I started my blog, I’ve been feeling/playing catch-up. I directed “Zulu Fits” this past fall and it felt like my summer was snatched away (rehearsals! rehearsals!) from me. Yeah, yeah—so I’m whining. But this being a brand new year, just I’d look back at some moments. Won’t be continuous with this, just from time to time.

In one of my “I miss the summer of 2011” special scenes (now that it’s 2012) I thought how comfy/cozy several of my “Zulu Fits” actors—-Lauren Blackwell (L), Alonzo (zats me!) and Yakima Rich (R) were on this BOO-TI-FUL day. We were all loungin’ at Joe Squared on a summery, sunny day. Howard & North Ave in Baltimore City provided all the miscellaneous “atmosphere” (think very low-budget Times Square) we needed. Anyway, Lauren has since given a tremendous performance at “Maggie The Cat” in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” (Herald’s of Hope Theatre Company) and Yakima is working with Barry Feinstein’s (Theatrical Mining Company) acting workshop. It’s an understatement to say that both ladies were a delight to work with.

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