Abiogenesis & “Smiles From God” & Movies

I’m getting into the science of this play. Also, beginning to wonder exactly……what’s what? I 20 some days till the Baker Award closes, and so I’m trying to be Johnny on the spot.

Definition: “In any theory of abiogenesis, two aspects of life have to be accounted for: replication andmetabolism. The question of which came first gave rise to different types of theories. In the beginning, metabolism-first theories (Oparin coacervate) were proposed, and only later thinking gave rise to the modern, replication-first approach.”

This is what I’m operating from. The play also questions God or Evolution, just a wee bit. More later. The holidays have been such a busy time. “Sherlock Holmes” was a delight. Guy Ritchie has started making movies about more than english gangsters speaking something nobody could make out. That wasn’t a BAD THING, it was just a niche market. Will let you know about “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”……

Oh My God, “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” was an eyeful. I’d read the book, but the movie was a sumptuous bucket of lavender. Boy, it was epic story-telling, along with a healthy dose of wicked. Pure wicked. Erotic wicked. Sexy wicked. You eyes won’t leave Rooney Mara. At least mine didn’t…….and the opening song (Reznor and somebody—apologies) is like Escher (think “Alien” cinematography) on crack.


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