Lecture Highlights & Miscellaneous

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time giving my social media lecture for the Hopkins Center for American Indian Health. I tried to convey a little of what goes on with being a Communications Specialist, and also I wanted to keep things lively. My first social media talk, and it was like riding your bicycle over beautiful terrain—-but you’re just not all that familiar with your surroundings. But the group seemed to be attentive, and though they were pretty familiar with FB and Blogging, they seemed fairly curious about what platforms (I go to Hootsuite, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon) to use for finding information.

Two years ago——Who knew I’d know that?





As my time went along, I began to feel—not just comfortable with talking to them (they came from mostly the Apache tribe, I believe, and were there to learn how to become social media soldjas!)—but also more comfy with what I had to pass along. Hey, it’s a brave new world for everybody. When I first learned how to work on a computer (a MAC and still IS) I remember thinking I was almost too “mature” to learn this technicalities of computer life. HAHA! Well, here I am entering my 3rd or 4th lifetime…..




….and still learning. Morale of story: you’re never too old to have  transformative moments. Also, to have someone value your opinion enough to want to hear you speak, or to give you an audience—-is a joy all by itself.

Script Update: Almost finished rewrite of “Smiles From God”. (You know you LOVE that title). The synopsis is below in another post. But I’m loving the process. It raises the question: Who serves the better purpose—the person who creates the idea or the person who brings it to fruition? To me that’s the essence of the play. But of course it wouldn’t be a play without a journey.

Nicole (wiffee) told me about the Maryland History Day and next thing I know I’m a volunteer. As a great person (wiffee again) once told me, “everything in life is an opportunity”. I was closed to that when I was younger, took me awhile to get open enough to accept it.


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