Octavius Johnson/Johnson Brothers Studios + Alonzo = Collaboration

I’m working with a local film entrepreneur, Octavius Johnson, who wants to be “the black Walt Disney”. Octavius dreams big, but really—-should there be any other kinds of dreams. Little do he know that he entered the Big Dream Capital when he crossed my doorstep. He and I collaborated on a screenplay called “Latch Key Kids,” and he’s doing a web series based around the same characters. Here’s the Video from the series. That’s his son doing the singing.

When I first met Octavius I didn’t give him the time of day. But our paths crossed later on, and I was more inclined to listen. The reason I didn’t initially? As a writer, I’ve had my share of people who need an idea expressed, written, conveyed, put down, drawn out, created—-and while all that sounds fine n’ dandy, there’s never any back-up moola behind the request. Or, somebody just moves on. There’s only so much free-lance you wanna do. I’ve never done alot, but I’ve had my share of working on somebody’s project that dragged on, only to have it go bust, and leave Alonzo without a dime. I feel positive about Octavius because he’s been trying this for awhile, and I can see he’s talented and has the drive. I’m not saying any of this LIGHTLY. Sometimes, (MOST TIMES) one of those equations is missing. We’ll see how it all plays out. But why can’t Octavius be the black Walt Disney? The position’s open s’far as I can see.

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