Hooray for Hollywood! I’ve been back from the TCM Festival for awhile now, but lazy bones me hasn’t come back to my blog. Must be Spring Fever. I had a marvelous time out west. I wish I’d seen even more movies, even though it felt as though I saw lots.

I stayed with my friend Charles Howard—-and his handsome mug is pictured here. But we’re not in H’Wood, we’re at One World Cafe here in greater mid-town Baltimore. Charles came back for his high school reunion, and that’s why he’s looking so dapper. As I’ve told Charles, he’s an AMBASSADOR-AT-LARGE. If you need information, directions, commentary, or any correct procedure or protocol—Charles Howard is a legend, in my book. And funny as all get out!

I definitely got the feel for being at a film festival, and having it sprawled about on Hollywood Blvd, (though everything was within close proximity), added to the atmosphere. There was lots of freaks and skin and folks dressed to the nines, and those who were dressed to the dregs. And I got to take a bike ride while I was out there, so what could be finer. Didn’t get a hot dog from Pink’s because they were CONSTANTLY crowded. But I did have the best open-faced turkey at Kate Mantalini’s. I didn’t get to see “Chinatown,” but I did see Robert Downey Jr. sport some serious swag for the opening of “The Avengers”.

(He’s the one looking like he knows how dashing it is to be Robert Downey Jr.). I didn’t get to a swanky LA party, but I did get to see Elvis working the crowd.

I had a memorable time moving from schlocky to classic. I sat next to Robert Osborne (TCM Host) for a hot minute, and I loved seeing movies I love in front of a huge (well-behaved) audience, acting like a huge well-behaved audience. It was fun being at the CLUB TCM Lounge. The Roosevelt Hotel gave you a hint at how decadent and art deco the days and nights of Hollywood must be like.

So all in all, I had myself a time. Now I’m back and working on “B-Side Man”. I believe I’ve got a first act. But we’ll see about that in the days to come……….

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  1. We all are walking a red carpet at one point or another… in some aspect of our lives, the cameras are flashing, the crowds are cheering and the moment is priceless… In between those flashes of Warhol, we catch our breath and savor hot meals with old friends, no matter which coast or time zone we happen to be in. It’s those moments of laughter, those warm dishes, those shared memories that provide the highlight weave in our life’s tapestry, adding that hint of color that makes everything else worthwhile. Alonzo in Hollywood was pure red carpet color.

    1. Charles, all your comments are SOOO MUCH appreciated. There’s quite a bit more truth and exposure to come in B-Side. I know this “road” has been travelled, but I’m counting on Alonzo to invent a new path over an old one. I’m trying to commit to the entire storytelling process, and in Act Two it gets all the juicy angst and inner demons just-a-flying away. You are turning poetic, my friend. Yes, that’s a serious observation, and I think you must take full possession of your new-found status. Alonzo hopes to re-visit Hollywood soon. You just never know………

      As you are more than aware, it’s great being able to fashion something out of nothing. Whether a career, an idea, a fresh thought. I’m having loads of fun.

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