Big Idea Time

Hey it’s good to be back. Where’ve I been? Switzerland? Paris? Bangkok? Nope, Baltimore. Working. Writing. Eating. Riding. Living. Here’s some pics at the American Visionary Arts Museum—I went to the Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Awards Ceremony the other day, and saw some of me peers, we laughed it up. Everyone was kind, and as they say, generous in spirit.






That’s me with Kwame Kwei Arnah, Director of Center Stage. They’re probably not doing a play of mine anytime soon, but it’s good to have a conversation on a breezy night.







And Alonzo shares some fun with George Ciscle, Curator for MICA. George was actually my High School Art Teacher at Cardinal Gibbons, this was of course when Dinosaurs walked the earth.










And I think this pic says it all about my mood for the entire evening. If I could join the Rat Pack I would. As we participated in a very nice ceremony (it’s great when artists are just hanging out without the threat of “grading” each other), I realized it was time for me to get more involved in the world of big ideas. Preferably, my own. Not that I have to create them, I believe they’re already out there. I just think it’s time for them to be unleashed. TIme for a few more productions. Time for me to meet folks who’ve already been a bit more unleashed. Time, period. It felt good getting another grant. The more I can stay in the arts world and keep my name alive, the better I feel. Upward motion is often hard to define beyond something that goes up. Well, I feel that definition applied to my recent thoughts. I feel as though I’ve had enough spectator time at the races, and now it’s time for my own special event.









That’s Jim Carey who worked with me in the Playwrights-In-The-Schools program in another lifetime. Jim is a legend, and someone who showed me the ropes in a gracious manner. What can I say—it was a great night to be an artist.

One thought on “Big Idea Time

  1. Alonzo,

    Great photos and a wonderful account of what appears to be a gala evening. Glad you are getting back into the race. The arts world certainly needs your creative input and we all look forward to your next contributions !! By the way, that’s a very Rat pack jacket you are wearing !!


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