Video Skits for Hopkins Eisenhower Library

I worked on some skits (scroll to bottom, see “Skits”) this past summer for the Hopkins Center For Educational Resources (CER). They’re located in the Eisenhower Library, Hopkins’ Homewood campus. They turned out pretty nice, I think. Not earth-shattering. Not Italian Neo-Realism. Not French New Wave. But for library skits, I’ll take ’em.

I worked on the scripts with Macie Hall from the Center and we shot everything in a day. 5 skits in a day was a great challenge. How ironical (my favorite made-up word) ’twas Alonzo who worked on a series of Teacher/Student “behavior” videos. One might say there’s even a certain Serendippity. But that’s just making it sound like a lovely walk in the park. Who knows how what we do in life, may possibly connect with what we do later in life? And that’s the irony in this case. When I was a Professor in that other lifetime, I viewed life through a different set of glasses. But that’s also……….just making it sound like a lovely walk in the park.

Alonzo can smile now.