New York Post Review From Ages Ago

One morning back in the late 80’s I woke up to a ringing phone and it was my friend Roger Guenveur Smith. Roger told me to buy a copy of the New York Post. “That Serious He-Man Ball” had opened at the American Place Theatre and I was hoping for the best. Well, Clives Barnes (former big-tyme NY Critic) had rung me up GOOD. It was probably one of the best mornings I’ve ever had. And as I rode the subway that morning to meet a couple friends, I don’t think my feet touched the ground. Among the many great things he said, I was most impressed by how he seemed to “get” the play. Especially the opening. My, my, my……but this is some fabulous stuff. Naw, he wasn’t on my payroll or nuthin. FYIm, those empty seats in the background are from being in a rehearsal space. We had an actual audience at American Place.

New York Post - Clive Barnes Review

2 thoughts on “New York Post Review From Ages Ago

    1. Here’s a toast to all 3! THanks for stopping by Charles. I’min the process of scanning a bunch of older “memorabilia” that’s a fun odyssey to take. It even surprises ME from time to time. Hope alls well with you and yours. Freezing here. Nicole and I are going to Memphis in March. Just decided I wanted some B-B-Que and to see some sights.

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