Baker Artist Awards

As I was finishing up “B-Side Man” I realized (after getting the continuous updates from Greater Baltimore Arts Council) that I STILL had the opportunity to apply for a Baker Award. So, as a grade school teacher once mentioned to me, I “hustled my bustle” getting the play completed. Not only that I recorded the whole play (about 50 minutes). Since there’s only 1 character, and that character’s named Alonzo—-I had a little familiarity. Wink-Wink. But getting it all “out” was a labor of love. Which program? How do I correct my goofs? Oyyyyyyy! I finally went with MAC’s “Garage Band” and let the ship sail. If you go to the Baker Artist Awards page, click the BROWSE NOMINATIONS link and enter my name. Now, to the right you’ll see all sorts of “reels” which identify nothing, but if you click one some videos (that have already been posted in here) show up. Several “Zulu Fits” vids for sure. There’s also the written “B-Side” script, and the “musical note” has the recorded script.


Honestly, I’m just happy to have finished it all. Reading the play out loud let me know that, while this is not the final draft by any means, it’s still in design and storytelling the play I had in my head. And storytelling it is indeed. I will need a capable actor to pull this off. But I think once someone can commit to the effort (it’s a complete monologue), the rewards will be massive. It’s definitely got some Spaulding Gray and a bit of Anna Deveare Smith. As you may recall, “B-Side Man explores my adventure into erotic dancing in Iowa City, Iowa. It’s not ALL the play is about, by any stretch, but it’s in there, ladies and gents.

Me & Iowa

So that’s the news. Not all of it. There’s something floating around about “Zulu Fits,” but as they say, “that’s not something I can confirm or deny at this point”. We’re all just so press saavy these days, ain’t we.

Our boss at the Welch Library, Nancy Roderer, retired this past week. Before I started being the Communication Specialist I rarely had the occasion to speak with Nancy. But after I started working in the “CommComm” capacity, she became a very dear colleague. She was very supportive, and allowed me to pop in with ideas and suggestions. We communicated in such easy ways, always heavy on the informality. So I’ll miss her to be sure. Here’s a Retirement Video I made, with much assistance from some of my co-workers. And with my new Video Editor, Erin Gleeson—who did ALL the heavy lifting and brought magic and patience to the project. Hope you enjoy. We tried to capture the mood.


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