Headed 2 Beantown

Me Too DressyNo, I’m not taking in a RedSox game. And no I’m not taking in a Celtics/Knicks playoff game.

Alonzo was chosen to be a Blogger at the 2013 MLA Conference in Boston. What’s the MLA? Medical Library Association. That’s right. I’m Blogging with my librarian brethren. What could be better? I’ll be up there showing all the solidarity I can muster. There will be a lot of Welch Informationists (co-workers) there, but they have—for the most part—-done this before.They haven’t had the Communications Specialist be there. How did I get there? I applied to the MLA and VOILA! Must be my MADBLOGGINGSKILLZZZZ, of course. Will let you know how it all goes. I’m excited, even though the topics are not things I would run up Boston to hear about under normal circumstances. But, it’s professional uplift and all that, so away I go. Will keep you abreast of my adventures and miscellaneous STUFF.